Tuesday, February 26, 2008

term paper MANIK JATRA

A village of Khulna district named Shovona. In that village one of the villagers named Habibur Rahman (village police) arranged the jatra pala named Manik Jatra on the basis of Manik Peer. Manik peer was a wellknown and famous person as he helps the people. If anybodies cow attack by dangerous disease then they pray to Manik peer for help.
We the student from University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. Our course (Culture & Heritage) instructor Dr. Shahnaj Husne Jahan advised us to go with her & see the pala. One of the Dhaka University proffesor Mr. Syed Jamil ahmed go there. The pala originally arranged on the request of Jamil ahmed.
We reached in the village at afternoon. The village is very beautiful by its nature.
The stage of jatra pala sited on the middle of the field of Shovona reg. primary school. At the evening musician started to play the music. They were used Harmonium, trumpet, cymbals & dhol.
In this village Manik jatra performed from may be 45 years ago. 30 years ago Ustad Reajuddin performed the pala. After his death Shekh Sheher Ali performed it. Mainly the pala divided in seven parts. In those pala they show the whole life of Manik peer.
That day they performed one part of the pala named- Tayjul Badsha.
The story about the son of badsha joynur.
At first the pala looks like a funny drama. But after the middle point of the pala it’s become a tragedy & emotional drama. In pala the actors were so much intelligent.
They performed it they described their own life.
Manik peer also named Doyamoy. He had got some power by God given. He use that power for help the people.
The people of the village very much like it.
There were minimum 200 or 300 audience came enjoy the pala.
We were 24 students from our university stay whole night there & enjoy the pala.
The pala start at 09:00pm & finished at 02:35am.
At early morning we get up for back to Dhaka.

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