Saturday, March 1, 2008

Different between Print Media vs Broadcast Media

Marshal H. Mcluhan said, “THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE

It became a glib explanation for a rainbow of communication phenomena to which Mcluhan never meant to apply his five little words.

Here we some major differences between print media and broadcast media:

 Print media works for limited time in lay.
 Electronic media works for 24hours generally.
 Electronic media has different branches. Like Radio, Television that different influent &     explosion of colors.
 News of delay is more & more colorful. Think that of 20 years before.
 Print media is less expensive.
 Electronic media is more
 Print media decoded through eyes.
 Electronic media decoded through eyes/ears with limitations, images & sound etc.
 Any news of newspaper are might not read by everybody or reader.
 Where as, TV viewers has not any choose or independent to see the main news or special     news.
 In newspaper, there are lots of news are attend because of their space.
 But in TV they can not did this because they have not that much space or time.
 Newspaper has much space to write so their news is strong of well buildup.
 TV has not that much time of a specific news so their news is not much stronger then     newspaper.
 Naturally inverted pyramid system is followed by the newspaper for that news can be make     short and readers can not feel bore.
 But the television reports are with video so, erase of any parts news are brake the whole     meaning of the news.
 The newsreader is taking the news by the article which is made by press so it is make by one     hand.
 But any of television programs is made by couple of hands like reporter, producer and film     editor. Basically TV news is team work so it is more critical then newspaper.

Here we see some major differences between Print media and Broadcast media. But there have some similar ness between these two media.

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