Monday, April 28, 2008

Rice price stable

Edible Oil price rises by Tk 10 per kg

The prices of most items of both coarse and fine rice remains unchanged at different retail and wholesale markets in the capital yesterday while price of edible oil has rocketed by Tk 10 per kg in the capital and elsewhere the country.
Despite the arrival of Boro harvesting, the rice price is yet to decline in the capital kitchen markets, rather the traders feared if the government increase the fuel price, the rice price would go further up.
Meanwhile, while asked about the recent abnormal edible oil price hike, a whole seller in the city's Naybazar market, who wanted not to be named, said, "Export of edible oil to India by a section of traders, violating Government restriction, is the main cause of abnormal price hike of the essential in the local market. In spite of Government restrictions on the export of edible oil from the country, a section of businessmen are exporting a huge quantity of edible oil to India."
Traders said that the price would come down continuously in the coming days as the arrival of much anticipated Boro rice would help the price to decline and the sufferings of the people would be relieved. But defying all the government measures the price of edible oil has posted a record high as yesterday it was selling at Tk 115 per kg in the city markets. Besides, the prices of some items of vegetables has also have come down sharply and prices of other of other daily commodities remain unchanged.
Meanwhile, in the retail markets the price of some items of local rice is coming down slowly while in the wholesale market, the price has gone down significantly and the price of fine rice came down slightly in both retail and wholesale market.
Yesterday, coarse rice like Lata was selling between Tk 32 and Tk 33 per kg, Pari Tk 32 and Tk 33 per kg, fine quality Najirshail Tk 39 and Tk 43, miniket at Tk 39 and Tk 44 per kg. Besides, a kg of coarse rice like Swarna, Parija and BR 29 was selling for Tk 33 to Tk 37 on Friday. Meanwhile, the price of edible oil and lentils also rose as yesterday lentils was selling at Tk 95 per kg and in the retail markets.
Yesterday, Green chilli was selling at Tk 16 per kg, up by Tk 6 per kg compared to that of previous week. The price of various items of fish is still remains at their high as yesterday Ruhi was selling at Tk 180-220 per kg, Hilsha at Tk 320 per kg. Beef was selling at Tk 180 per kg. Yesterday, both imported and local onion was selling at Tk 20 per kg, imported lentils at Tk 85, flour at Tk 43 per kg. Potato was selling at Tk 13, cucumber at Tk 14, Patal at Tk 26 per kg tomato at Tk 26, Korola at tk 20 per kg, bean at Tk 24 per kg.

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