Monday, April 28, 2008

Truth commission in Bangladesh starts soon, tenure six month

Truth commission is probably going to be formed in Bangladesh in April to solve the allegations of corruption. Any person involved in corruption can acquit from the charges by confessing crime to the commission, which will run for six months.
As there are so many corruptions happened here by last few decades that, it has become very much difficult to punish those huge number of corrupted people and it will take many times to solve. Moreover, army backed government in Bangladesh has been continuing a massive drive against corruption since its start of journey from 11 January 2007. This way a huge number of people has sent mostly politicians and business personalities including two former prime minister of Bangladesh, Kaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina to jail due to their alleged corruption. Therefore, government of Bangladesh has decided to launch a truth commission to solve the cases quickly though two former PM will not get benefit of the TC according to the speech of Chief Adviser, which was given to the media.
This commission will charge people who do have the reputation as corrupted and whose information about corruption is already in the commission. The hearing of the corrupted people will be given publicly. However, if anybody applies to keep it secret then the commission will think about it.
Commission can give two kind of order on those corrupted people. First, the self disclosed person who built up an enormous number of fixed and variable assets through corruption have to deposit same amount of money of those to the Bangladesh government by the order of truth commission. The truth commission will fix the date. Second, the corrupted person will submit his or her all kind of black assets to the government by the order of TC or it will croak all the assets.
Government hierarchy will not arrest source it is come to know that corrupted persons who will come to the truth commission. But they will loose the capability of becoming candidate of any kind of election and to be a designated person of any government approved organizations for five years. If any self-disclosed person violates the order of the commission, he may be jailed for maximum five years.
The truth commission will consist of three members including one chairman and two commissioners who will be mandated by the president of Bangladesh.
Four qualities of people will be eligible for these posts as they may be a retired judge or army person who's designation is not under a major general or any retired secretary leveled person or any well known person who made outstanding contribution in his professional life.
Barrister Rokon uddin Mahmud, Anisul Hoque, M Hasan and some of other persons
Were present in the session of making the draft of this "Self desired information ordinance 2008".

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