Monday, November 24, 2008

Tomb of Isa Khan

Location: Delhi, India
Date: 1547-1548
Style/Period: Suri
Century: 16th
Building Types: funerary, religious
Building Usage: tomb, mosque

Isa Khan Niyazi was an Afghan noble who served Sher Shah Sur, then his son Islam Shah Sur, during the Sur interruption (1540-55) of Mughal reign in Delhi. His tomb, domed and octagonal in plan, is ringed by a deep veranda, and sits at the center of an octagonal complex to the west of Humayun's Tomb. It has been observed that the Niyazi Tomb contains some of the basic forms and ideas that later influenced Humayun's Tomb, including its position in a walled garden enclosure. A mosque at the edge of the complex, known as the Mosque of Isa Khan, is thought to have been built at the same time as the tomb.

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