Thursday, December 4, 2008

Darasbari Madrasa

Darasbari Madrasa is situated about a kilometre to the southwest of kotwali darwaza, and about half a kilometre from the Chhota Sona - Kotwali Road in Ghoshpur mauza of the Bangladesh side of Gaur-Lakhnawti. It has been erected between two tanks, one on its east and the other on its west; the latter is longer and separates the madrasa from the darasbari mosque. The madrasa, according to the inscription, was erected in 909 AH (1504 AD) by Alauddin husain shah. However, its existence was revealed only in the seventies of the 20th century when the site was excavated and the plan fully exposed. Its discovery has removed the confusion between the location of the madrasa and that of the belbari madrasa, erected two years earlier.

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