Thursday, December 4, 2008

Noi Gombuz Masjid

The architecture of this nine-domed mosque is more ornate indicating a later date for its construction, more influenced by local architectural traditions. The wide parapet is more noticeably curved and embellished with a row of squares between high mouldings. Below this is a distinct serrated line. The three entrance arches on the east wall (seen here) have wide rectangular frames that reach the parapet decoration above. In the central arch, which is slightly higher and wider, this frame forms a pierced screen. The area above each arch is divided by mouldings into two panels, probably intended for calligraphy blocks. Similarly elaborate entrances mark the north and south walls. The parapet decoration wraps around the minarets which are less heavy and more ornate now with five moldings, and a high triple moulding at the base with double rows of decoration in between.

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