Monday, December 1, 2008

Shah Turkan's Dargah

Shah Turkan's Dargah a domical south facing small brick structure, believed to enshrine the mortal remains of a legendary Sufi saint named Shah Turkan Shahid. It is located on the western bank of the Karatoya at Sherpur/ Murcha in the district of Bogra about 16 miles due south of the Bogra town and about a mile east of the more famous 3-domed Kheru mosque (1582 AD).
Perched on a 1.83m high 12-sided platform, this mazar has three low entrances on the east, west and south. These doorways have stone threshold, heavily encrusted under successive layers of lime wash and paint. Tomb chamber contains within, a masonry grave and is relieved at the corners by four slender turrets.
According to a popular legend, Shah Turkan waged war against vallalasena and was martyred in the encounter. His decapitated head fell at a distance of about half a mile from the body and was buried separately. The grave raised on the body was known as dhar (body)-mokam and the grave on the head came to be known as sar (head)-mokam. These graves are greatly revered by the local people.
Successive coating of painting and lime wash on the mazar by the devotees have so effectively covered the grave that now it precludes any possibility of probing for any possible epigraphic record or credible clue to ascertain the identity of the person buried in it. The story of Shah Turkan's war with Vallalasen is at best a legend.

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