Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to Impress a Girl With Your Body Language

Improving your body language is the NUMBER 1 thing you can do to easily and massively improve your success with girls INSTANTLY. Body language is all about what you say WITHOUT your words, and girls are MASTERS at picking up on these non-verbal cues. Your body language shines through not just in how you walk, stand, and hold your head, but in how you touch other people, how you ESCALATE things with a girl, and how you carry yourself in your day-to-day life. Since its been proven by scientists that more than 90% of what we communicate to each other is non-verbal, getting your body language to say what you want it to say is just as, if not MORE important than any type of pickup lines, routines, or anything else you could say to a girl. Your body language speaks volume about you to girls, and as such if you want to know how to impress girls, you MUST be in control of your body language.

Luckily, EVERYTHING you need to master powerful, attractive body language is already inside you, so with the right knowledge, you will see massive positive results. We’ve compiled some of the best tips on body language down below which you can apply right NOW to see results.

*Stand Up Straight- The key to mastering body language starts right here. If you do nothing else, make SURE you make a habit of doing this. Studies show girls to be significantly more attracted to guys who stand up straight without slouching or hanging their head or shoulders. When you stand up straight, to your full height, you portray MASSIVE confidence. This simple act leads girls to subconciously think of you as an “alpha male” type; someone who is confident in his surroundings, healthy and strong, and sexy. The best part? Since it appeals to girl’s subconcious thoughts and emotions, they can’t help but be attracted to you! A few hints on how to do this: Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands at your sides, and fold your head so that your forehead is level with the horizon. Now, imagine a string which runs from the back of your neck, and goes straight down to the ground. Relax your shoulders and pull them back slightly while pushing out your chest until this imaginary string is at a 90-degree angle, running from the back of your head, down your spine, and then down to the ground. You should now be standing with your body open, shoulders back, chest out, and head up. This is THE body language of guys who know how to impress a girl and how to attract a girl.

*Eye Contact- When done right, great eye contact can impress a girl more than anything you could ever say to her. Your eyes speak volumes about your confidence, and being able to hold a girl’s gaze for the right amount of time, and knowing WHICH eye to focus on(yes, it makes a HUGE difference) are two of the biggest skills you can have to attract a girl. Just like with your posture, when you know even the basics of confident eye contact, girls will be subconsciously attracted to you and CAN”T HELP but think you’re a catch.

A couple of tips on eye contract to impress a girl: 1st, you need to know the very basic science behind eye contact: Every person has whats called a “left” brain and a “right” brain. The “left” brain is responsible for logical thought, and is linked to the right eye. The “right” brain is responsible for intuition, emotion, and feelings and is attached to the left eye. NOW, since attraction is a FEELING women have, and is NOT a logical choice, we want to speak to their “right” brains. Follow me so far? Good. Since the “right” brain is connected to the left eye, when we are trying to portray confidence, attractiveness, and form a connection, we want to focus on their left eye when talking with them, listening to them, and looking at them. This sounds a bit silly until you actually TRY IT; girls respond IMMEDIATELY to this, and they don’t even know it! This is a simple skill you can learn that is SO POWERFUL and attracts girls like crazy!

2nd, with eye contact, one other MAJOR rule applies here that girls notice and LOVE when you get right: When you and a girl first make eye contact, DO NOT look down or break their gaze; let them be the one to first look away. This tells them 2 things: First off, you are CONFIDENT and not nervous, even if she is a beauty. You are automatically a sexier guy if you can hold eye contact with a girl; and YES, girls do notice this one. You don’t have to stare, but just relax, smile and let them break the gaze. This is another simple factor that plays into their subconscious in a way that girls have NO CHOICE but to be attracted to you!

*Be OK With Touching - A guy who is confident, feels secure, is healthy, and has positive relationships with friends and family is a guy who is ok with touching and being touched. When learning how to impress a girl or attract a girl, you must realize that girls like a guy who communicates with touch. Touch is a social function and is an important part of non-verbal communication. Does this mean you walk up out of nowhere and slap a girl’s ass and expect a phone number? Of course not! But be OK with shaking your friend’s hands, hugging them, touching them on the arm when in conversation, etc. These simple things let girls know subconsciously that you are confident, well-liked, and people are secure with you touching them. This ALSO makes it much easier for you to escalate physically with a girl later, i.e. going in for a kiss, a handhold, or even more…......

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