Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to Not Lose Your Girlfriend

If you believe that your girlfriend is Ms. Right, then she should be your number one life priority: you should care for her as you care for yourself. If your girlfriend is indeed Ms. Right, she'll do the same for you.

Be honest. Do all that you ever can to never lie to your girl, and if you do, own up to it immediately. If you truly love someone, you cannot hide a lie; you will feel terribly guilty, and when (not if) she finds out, everything you have ever told her is called into question---even "I love you."

Communicate. You have to respect her thoughts, always listen to what she says. Listen to her; girls don't like it when guys don't listen.

Respect her through listening and show her how much you care for her.

Work out your problems. In real relationships saying sorry is the first step of many. It will not solve the problem alone-you need to talk to solve it, but it will help open the doors of communication.

If she makes you really angry or has said something that could tempt her behavior, show that you are hurt. She should respect you and understand your emotions and not act irrational.

Always try to make her feel like she's special. Women love to feel special.

Never, under any circumstances, make your status about another girl. some girls get jealous others might assume that you are cheating.

Have a life outside of her, otherwise you'll get clingy which only pushes her away, even if she is Ms. Right.


  • Sacrifices are necessary in any relationship, because let's face it, without sacrifice there would be no fruitful benefits. This goes for any aspect in one's life (school, work, marriage, etc). It may mean conceding to go to an event you're really not fond of attending. As long as you balance your time and priorities, and are given a head's up about the event, there should be no reason for you not being able to attend. Furthermore, don't give your girlfriend a hard time or complain about it. This doesn't make the situation any better and only makes her feel bad and question the future with you since there are likely to be occasional events that come up. Besides, if you both did only what you individually wanted, why not just be single?
  • Respect is very important for both of you. Respect each other. Respect her family no matter what. Like them or not, she loves them and doesn't want to be left to feel uncomfortable with boyfriend on one side and family on the other. No matter how bad they may be, it's not her fault, we don't choose our families. Learn to like them, or even just fake it if you have to.
  • Don't just have her for the time being; real relationships are something to be cherished forever. Always remind her how important she is to you and she should do the same.
  • Understand that the little things mean a lot. To a woman it's the little things and the little surprises that mean the most. Never forget this simple fact. A simple love note or card or sweet text message, buying her flowers for no reason, cooking her dinner, having a nice bubble bath ready when she gets home from work, surprising her with that hat you saw her obsessing over last week, rent a movie she's been wanting to see and order take out, spend a night in with her alone rather than going to that party, the list goes on. It's absolutely vital to do nice things like this for your woman, not only will it keep the romance alive but it shows her how much you really care for her, and that is worth more than anything.
  • If a fight starts, work it out. Don't simply say whatever is necessary to get her to be quiet; this method will only start more fights. Don't be too demanding, but don't simply let her do anything if it hurts you (financially, emotionally, physically, etc.).
  • If your girlfriend hangs up on you during a fight, call her back, never leave her hanging, because 9 out of 10 times she'll be waiting by the phone crying.
  • Both of you should have equal "power" in the relationship. If she wants a little more than you, you will have to discuss this. You shouldn't give her all the power just to keep her as your girlfriend.
  • Understand that woman do get jealous, whether they choose to admit it or not. You should never' do anything to provoke this. She doesn't enjoy feeling that way.
  • Most woman are very insecure with themselves; even the most beautiful woman have many insecurities. If you're lucky enough to have had her open up completely to you, then it is your job to remind her how lucky you feel to have her. Compliment her, be sure she really knows how perfect you think she is.
  • Do what she asks, it'll make her happy. This doesn't mean to jump off a bridge at her command, it just means to be happy to help her with anything and everything she may need. Be willing and glad to do her a favor, and she will, too.
  • Always say "I love you," but only if you mean it completely. The worst thing to do is to say you love her just so she will quiet up. If you love her, tell her. Don't be shy.
  • Like (or try to like) her friends. Always be polite and respectful to them. You don't have to have close relationships with them, just like them.
  • If she says she wants nothing for her birthday, she's lying. What she is really saying is "I want you to surprise me. If you know me you know what to get me!"
  • Wrap your arms around her and kiss her on the forehead, it will make her feel safe.
  • If you're truly in love, then you shouldn't have any urge to be "checking out" other woman, whether you're with her or not. This applies especially if you're with her, and she will notice. Lose the posters and magazines, as it's not worth how it makes her feel to see you looking at them.
  • Everybody needs space. Even if you are going out and want to spend every day with her, she might want some time alone with her friends.
  • When she's sick, take care of her and show her how much you love her by just being by her side. Make it as easy as possible for her to rest, and therefore, get healthier faster. She will do the same.
  • If she is mad at you, apologize to her. If you don't know what you did wrong, talk it through. That's the best way to win her back and get through a situation.
  • If you are with your friends and your girlfriend, and you friends ask, "Do you think [another girl] is hot?", simply reply, "I'm not interested on whether or not another girl is attractive."


  • The absolute worst thing to do is to get uncontrollably upset, especially in front of her. Tell her your feelings, then 'try to be her friend'. This can really seriously help you even more than you think it will.
  • Don't ever do anything to physically hurt her. Although you can play fight, only do so if she gives her consent; never hurt her in any way
  • Never flirt or come anywhere close to flirting with other girls, especially her friends.
  • Jokes with "she was hot" in them are not funny. She is the most beautiful girl in the world, no one comes close. Remember that.

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