Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to be the ideal man?

After having read what girls are looking for in men, the main questions then are how to transform yourself into relationship and dating material? And after the transformation into the ideal guy, how to get a girl to like you? Here are some tips on how to be the perfect guy and make any girl fall for you.

Build on your looks
OK we have to admit that not everyone is born with incredibly good looks but you have to realize that there are certain things that can be done to improve your looks.
· Exercise
Firstly you should try to exercise as often as possible and you may join a gym or engage yourself in sports activities as often as possible-this is the first step towards getting rid of your excess kilos and moving towards a good looking body!
· Personal Hygiene
Make sure to trim your nails and use a small brush to clean underneath your nails while at the same time you should get rid of bad habits like biting nails. Every time you go out make sure you look your best by shaving and make use of a good after shave cream- girls are not impressed with razor burns and shaving rash.
· Hair Style
Hair style is another important aspect of your looks. Avoid copying famous hairstyles without checking whether the style will suit you or not. For instance a lot of guys blindly copy Justin Bieber’s hair style just because it is in fashion but do not realize that they end up looking like jerks! Be original-choose something that will suit your face shape and make you look your best!
· Clothing style
This is not about wearing a tuxedo every time you go out-it’s more about dressing appropriately in different contexts. You should try to look your best every time- we all have some days where we want to dress down but making a habit out of it will definitely decrease your success with girls. If you want to grab the attention of the opposite sex you must show her that you are not unfamiliar with the words style and class.
If you lack ideas on how to dress up and what to wear on particular occasions, read magazines like Men’s Vogue or Esquire.

Be well groomed
Like mentioned earlier, always look your best. Wear nice clothes that fit you well and which fit the context as well-if you are going for a date, avoid wearing your baggy jeans and snickers for your first date. If you know that she cannot stand men with tattoos and piercing, you may want to remove some of your piercings when you are going to see her and try to cover some of your tattoos-you surely do not want to drive her away on the first date itself

Work on your social circle
If you have a reputation for hanging out with losers, it’s about time you try to remedy to this situation! Try to integrate new groups, find new friends or more importantly detach yourself from the current group and make yourself appear like someone very friendly who does not belong to a single group-be the all around guy!

Build up your confidence level
Confidence is normally something which builds up with time and experience. However there are some tricks that could help make you more confident- before every date, remind yourself of your good qualities and congratulate yourself that at least you managed to get her to come on a first date with you and already this is an achievement in itself. Mentally prepare some of the conversations you would like to have with her and anticipate some of her answers and what you would like to respond to her.
Master the art of making girls laugh
If you want a girl to relax and remember you as someone interesting and fun to hang out with, you need to learn how to make them laugh-remember that no one’s asking you to be her dancing monkey! Share some jokes with her or some funny moments that you have had in your life; this will allow both of you to engage in conversation and avoid being locked in deadly silence that new couples have to face whenever their topics for conversation is over

Be a gentleman
You may not have full control on your looks or your wits and ability to make someone laugh, but if there is one thing you can definitely get right it’s manners! Being a gentleman is never out of style and it is easy to show someone that you still believe in gallantry-open the door for her, compliment her when you see her, pull out her chair for her, when she’s cold propose to give your jacket, propose to pour her drinks for her-these are simple tips that will definitely make her heart melt.

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