Saturday, June 18, 2011

What do girls look for in guys?

There is no specific template of the ideal guy-while some girls are naturally attracted with men having well built bodies others automatically fall for nerds. However there are some generally acceptable qualities that girls look for in men. If you want to know how to get a girl to like you, here’s the checklist of the qualities that girls look for in the opposite sex.
Girls like guys who are…

The word attractive holds different meanings to different girls. While most girls will be impressed with a man who has a body a la Christiano Ronaldo, some of them downplay the importance of a well built body and look more for stylish men. Women tend to be more fascinated by men who are attractive and this does not only mean that you have to be handsome, it has a lot to do with your style of dressing up, walking, talking and interacting with other people as well.
Girls like to be with guys who have a strong character and hold a firm opinion on something-it shows that they have the ability to stand up and fight for something which is right. Being attractive to girls, does not only have to do with your looks, it also has a lot to do with your sense of humor and your ability to make her laugh and spend a good time by your side. If you want to get a girl to like you, you should by all means strive to look and sound attractive through your taste, style, conversation and showing to her that you are intelligent!

There is this thing called personal hygiene which a lot of guys seem to be unaware of. Girls are not only interested in how well you perform in bed, they also value small details like clean and well trimmed nails, well shaved person, no body odor and most important of all no mouth odor-it’s a real turn off!

Career Prospects/ Grade A student
Face it-girls like intelligent men. They want to know that the men they chose can be a provider and not a moocher! No one wants to be with a very handsome and attractive man who is…jobless! She wants to be loved and taken care of-she is not here to nurture and mother you! Even if you are still studying, show her that you have the potential of making it big in life and when you are successful she will be the girl who is behind your success and you will treat her like a queen.

Girls are impressed with guys who have a plan for their future-by plan I mean a real plan to move up the career and social ladder! Girls like to be around men who are enthusiastic and ambitious about their future and who can picture themselves as successful and well established individual-even if right now they are still testing the waters when it comes to choosing a career path!

Friend circle
Did you know that the type of friends you have tell a lot about the kind of person you are? If you hang out with losers and good for nothing type of men, chances are your reputation may be tainted and this will hamper your chances of seducing girls! Why do you think the trio Clooney-Pitt-Cruise is reputed for their seductive charms?

Chivalry is not dead
It does not hurt to be a gentleman-in fact it totally pays. Women claim to be liberal and pretend to be completely independent but take my word for it no women likes to pay the bills at the end of a date and will definitely appreciate if you open the door for them! Always remember ability to provide is an important quality of a guy. She needs to feel protected around you-and not exploited!

Girls like to be around guys who are confident and know how to keep things in control and lead a conversation. If you are the kind of man that becomes tight lipped in front of a gorgeous woman or have a panic attack every time you go on a date, then you have a bit of a problem!

Good sense of humor
Without a doubt girls like to be with men who are smart and can lead a conversation about any topic but this does not mean that you have to show off about you immense knowledge on politics and world economics. You should also know how to chill out and share some jokes and make her laugh. When she hangs out with you, she wants to have some fun and not be in another politics class!

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