Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to get a girl to like you?

After having identified the qualities that girls look for in guys and how you could inculcate those qualities in you, we now proceed to the most important part of this tutorial-how to get a girl to like you?

Talk the talk
Whenever you see her, you should be able to come up with an interesting conversation topic. Try to make it about something that she is interested in. Or you can ask her about how things are going on at work or at school. The point here is to engage in friendly conversation and getting to know her more. Once you have managed make her notice you and made the first step into her life as a friend, gradually take things to the next level.

Compliment her
Now that you are no stranger to her, you can proceed gradually towards getting her to like you more than a friend. Whenever you see her, compliment her; try to be specific in your compliments and say things like:
“You look really beautiful with your hair tied in a pony tail”
And avoid saying things like
“You look beautiful today”
Whenever you see a change in her, make sure that you point it out to her. This is a way of showing that you care about every detail about her and you take the time to savor every small detail about her beauty and notice changes in her.

Flirt with her
Complimenting and flirting with someone are two separate things. Men know that they have to compliment their ladies, but very often they fail to realize that they have to flirt as well-flirting takes you out of the ‘friend zone’ and gives clear signs that you are looking for more than friendship.
Flirting is not about complimenting; it is all about teasing the girl in a good hearted and fun way without being offensive and rude. For example one way of teasing a girl is my maintaining eye contact for some time while at the same time having a quirky smile or even looking at her in a suggestive way while caressing her hand.
You should bear in mind that flirting is not only about the words you use or your actions. It has a lot to do with your body language as well. When you are flirting with a girl, you need to have the right body posture, confident eye contact and control your nervous ticks. You should appear relax and laid back and demonstrate to her that you have control of the situation.

Show interest in her
If you want a girl to like you, you should make her feel like a prize. So whenever you are with her, listen to her, ask her questions about things she likes and dislikes, show interest in whatever she is doing and saying. If she is currently studying, ask her where she pictures herself in a few years. Show her that you are passionate about everything that is related to her

Maintain eye contact when you are talking
Whenever you are around her, look deep in her eyes and make her realize that you have devoted all your time and attention to her. Maintain eye contact and look at her with admiration and from time to time you may even interrupt her to say romantic things like:
“I could spend hours listening to you; you look so cute whenever you are talking passionately about something”
Maintaining eye contact is a romantic way of saying ‘nothing in this world will distract me now that I am with you’

Now that you have come all the way from being a perfect stranger in her life to a newly found love, try not to mess up! Do not ask for advice when it comes to wooing her-like how she wants you to kiss her and when she expects to be kissed. You should know when is the right time to initiate the first touch and kiss-if she responds favorably to the first move, you can take things to the next level otherwise you know that you have to wait some more!

Show her that you care
When you see and feel that there is something which is bothering her, ask her if there is anything she wants to talk about. Hug her and take her in your arms while reassuring her that things will work out with time. Take her out for an ice cream or even buy her a flower when you know she is sad. Be here whenever she needs you and be her shoulder to cry on. You should demonstrate to her that she is your number one priority.

Be respectful of her and her opinions
We all have our own stance on certain issues which we do not like to see challenged. So if her opinions about a particular topic are not in harmony with yours, do not make a scene out of it and be judgmental. Show some respect about her way of thinking and stand by your own. This will demonstrate that you are a mature and respectful person.

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