Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some Tips & Warnings

Do not take your average looking appearance as the end of the world-some of girls do not care about the outside so long as you have other qualities
Do not be disheartened about your average looking body. Try to work on other features of your personality-humor, flirting skills, intelligence-the fact that a gorgeous woman like Katy Perry married a not-so-handsome man like Russell Brand is good proof that beauty is not the only thing that matters
Try to look good at all times but it is also important to smell good-invest in some mouth wash to get rid of your mouth odor or use perfume and cologne to control your body odor. A girl can get past your average looks but it is a real turn off to talk to someone with a bad breath.
Keep some mystery and let her discover you layers by layers-do not be like an open book to her right from day one!
Be a gentleman-chivalry and gallantry will never be out of vogue! The sooner you realize that the better you will get at impressing girls
Do not be pushy-take things slowly and show respect
Build up your confidence and if you can’t, fake it-appear to be confident even if you know in your guts that you are about to blow everything- after all the whole point is to show that you are capable of taking control of things, so you might as well fake it
Do not fart in front of her-at least not the initial days of dating
Be yourself; things get easier when you are yourself instead of trying to be someone you are not. There has to be someone who will love you for who you are; you just have to wait for the right time and person


Do not brag about your past sexual experiences. You may be a Don Juan in your own right but she does not have to know about it-remember that no woman like to know that she is not the first woman in your life. Besides, women hate to be around men who think they are exceptional and one of a kind. Being confident is one thing but continuously bragging about yourself make you sound arrogant and cocky
Do not lie. Relationship built upon lies won’t last. The day she finds out about your lies you can be sure that this will be the last day you are spending with her. Besides what’s the point of lying to get a girl? Why not be yourself?
Do not initiate physical contact too quickly, some girls are not impressed by such a pervasive move; wait for the right time-unless she is dying to be in your bed.
Be prepared for rejection. It happens to even the best of seducers so why will it not happen to you? Do not take it personally, you should instead take it as a chance to be with someone new and perhaps better than her. Besides, you should be proud of yourself, even if she rejected you, at least now you have the baggage, experience and practice to get any girl to like you!
Taking things slowly does not mean that you dwell in the friend zone for too long-start as friend but make sure that you make the transition from friendship to ‘more than friends’ rather quickly. You surely do not want to be another addition to her long list of friends! So make sure that you play your moves right.
This one may seem funny but it’s true-AVOID complimenting her too much. For instance do not jump into the compliments wagon the moment you see her and compliment her from head to toe, she way think that you are gay. Gays are very fashion forward people!
Do not stalk her. If she rejects you, do not cling to her like chewing gum. However hard this may be, move on and find ways to get your mind off her
Having read and understood the above, you should have realized by now that looks are not the most important thing in getting a girl to like you. There are far more important things that can make you be as successful with girls as the above average looking guy. With practice, perseverance and experience you will definitely master the art of impressing girls and perhaps be reputed as the quintessence of refined masculinity-now that you know how to get a girl to like you, perhaps you should start putting everything you just learnt into practice?

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