Saturday, June 18, 2011

How To Impress A Girl – In Just 4 Simple Steps

Want to impress a girl? Dying to know the best ways to get a woman impressed? Need some cutting-edge, industrial-strength dating and seduction techniques that you’ll never find anywhere else? Forget the crap you read elsewhere. If you want to know of the surefire ways to impress a girl, then read on for the 4 simple tactics to make a girl look up to you and surrender herself totally…

Tactic #1: “Stop Qualifying Yourself”. It’s a mistake to think that in order to impress a girl, you will need to tell her about the millions you got stashed in a Swiss back, the Lambo set of wheels and how many women you banged last weekend. Bragging will not get you anywhere (even though if the things that you boast about is true). You’ll come across as a total douchebag if you desperately try to qualify yourself.

Don’t let a woman judge you – it will put you in a weak position as you will be less attractive to her. Instead, you should make her qualify herself to you instead – see the next tactic…

Tactic #2: “Make Her Qualify Herself”.
In order to impress a girl, you must master the art of getting her to QUALIFY herself to you. One way to do this is to CHALLENGE her. Use the next tactic to ask her questions that make her qualify herself…

Tactic #3: “Ask Her Leading Questions”.
There are some good “leading” questions that slightly challenge her and

draw her to you -

  • “So what do you do for fun?” This seemingly innocent question will make her to rethink her answers so that she come across to you as a spontaneous, fun-loving person.
  • “Apart from looking good, what makes you different from other women?” This puts her in the frame of mind that she needs to come across as “better” than other women.
  • “If you were at kissing school, how would your teacher rate you?” If she says “Grade A, of course!”, then tell her to prove it to you.

Word of caution: you must never be seen as condescending when you deliver these lines. Be a little “covert” so that you get your lines across without sounding judgmental. The following tactic will give you the essential tools to be completely under-the-radar when you seduce women…

Tactic #4: “Fractionation”. This is a super powerful tactic that underground seducers use to impress women into quickly falling in love with them. It involves using a specific 4-step formula which makes a woman feel emotionally addicted to a man… and make her do anything for him. If you want an easy way to impress a girl and make her like you quickly, then you should check out this easy (but deadly effective) dating technique.

This technique was largely hidden from the “outside world” by master seducers because it could be misused by guys who have bad intentions. Just like any other tactic, it can be used for either good or evil. However, if you want to know exactly how to impress girls, then this technique will be invaluable in your seduction toolbox.

This somewhat “underground” seduction tactic is the chosen method of seduction masters. Fractionation is so powerful that a girl can get attracted to you in just a couple of minutes.

However, this cannot be emphasized enough – the fractionation tactic must be used only with extreme care. Before this, this technique was only used by the most “elite” and exclusive members of underground seduction groups. Needless to say, fractionation is indeed a highly controversial seduction tactic – it’s something that can well be potentially dangerous – especially when exploited irresponsibly.

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